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Easy Liquids

Soil health is of increasing importance for farmers and liquid fertilisers play an important role. EASY Liquids are easy to use and their accuracy is unsurpassed. Plus, they offer easy logistics with bulk deliveries direct to farm, product uniformity, consistent flow rates and accurate nutrient placement.

It’s that EASY!

Whereas the application of fertiliser has traditionally been a heavy, time-consuming, labour-intensive chore, EASY Liquids fertilisers owned by Incitec Pivot Fertilisers make it EASY. Our quality liquid nutrients are EASY to store, handle, control and use, and they’re supported by our friendly and professional team. So, when you have the choice, take the EASY option.

EASY to trust

Choose us and you choose experienced local people who understand crops, growth habits and the changing requirements that impact on nutrient uptake. With quality Easy Liquids fertilisers, you can trust that nutrients will be placed in the best position and at the correct time for effective uptake.

EASY to control

EASY Liquids fertilisers can be metered precisely for easier and more accurate variable rate applications. And as liquids, they allow for a precise and EASY application of nutrients.

EASY to use

There’s no bag handling, waiting for products to dissolve or manual lifting, augers, saving you effort, time, money and labour.

EASY to store and handle

EASY Liquids Fertilisers are delivered direct to farm in bulk and stored long-term in a tank with minimal degradation, so they’re ready to use when you are. They can be applied using irrigation equipment and boom sprays (with only minor modification), injected into the soil, dribble banded, foliar sprayed or water-run in row crops. They’re ideal for split or ‘little and often’ applications. And you can apply them in any season, wet or dry.

EASY to deal with

When it comes to crops and fertilisers, we know our stuff. Our friendly team have the knowledge and experience you can trust. We like to keep the complex simple and know you’ll find us extremely easy to deal with.

To view the complete selection of EASY Liquids products available download our Easy Liquids Product Catalogue here.

Meet our EASY Liquids experts

Our expert, friendly team have the knowledge and experience you can trust. They know their science but don’t talk in formulas, liking to keep the complex simple.

Matt Urquhart

EASY Liquids Territory Manager


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Conrad Leeks

EASY Liquids Sales Agronomist

Boundary Bend

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Bob Moorfield

EASY Liquids Sales Agronomist


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Andrew Radywonik

EASY Liquids Market Development Manager

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Ben Anderson

EASY Liquids and Nitrogen Marketing Manager

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